When Ella Miriam made the terrifying decision to leave the Soviet Union for Israel on a search for freedom and to escape generations of haunting, painful memories, she never expected to suffer the devastating loss that would lead her, through a succession of unlikely occurrences, to America.

Chasing Freedom is a compelling and intensely personal account of Ella’s journey from bondage to freedom, a story of love, struggles, wars, death, birth, and triumphs through generations of her family. Ella’s quest for freedom continued as she, through a series of improbable and miraculous events, reliazed her goal of emigrating to the U.S.A., where she discovered that even in the greatest nation in the world, freedom can be elusive.


Ella Miriam has a Master’s Degree in Music Education from the Soviet Union. She worked in public and private schools in three countries: Russia, Israel, and U.S.A. Her real passion and inspiration in life has been teaching piano to children of all ages. Many of her students have become professional musicians themselves.

Chasing Freedom is her exciting and moving encounter into the world of writing. Ella Miriam presently resides in North Carolina.